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Changes in nurses' knowledge and clinical practice in managing local IV complications following an education intervention

Formal letters were sent from the Faculty of Nursing to the medical, surgical and nursing directors of the proposed study settings. The researcher met with the nursing directors and potential nurse...

Exploring the complexity of student nurse relationships with adolescent patients when placing nasogastric tubes

The practice of NG tube insertion originates from ancient Greece and Egypt, where tubing inserted rectally infused nutrient solutions for the treatment of bowel conditions (Chernoff, 2006; National...

Introducing a flipped classroom in a pharmacology course

The flipped classroom concept was derived by high-school chemistry teachers Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams in 2007 (Phillips and Trainor, 2014). The idea is to flip the traditional mode of...

Development of the Wound Resource Education Nurse (WREN) programme

The WREN programme is open to health professionals, healthcare assistants and link practitioners who are enthusiastic and willing to develop their knowledge and skills within tissue viability..

Mask-Ed (KRS Simulation) an approach to deliver intimate care for neophyte nursing students: the creator's experience

As a nurse educator, I grew increasingly concerned. To address the lack of realism in the context of the clinical laboratory, I decided to teach intimate care using a different approach, one that...

Developing a ‘core of steel’: the key attributes of effective practice assessors

This article reports on specific findings from a wider, previously published, research study which explored the factors that enabled some mentors to fail underperforming students in practical...

Reflection on creating a coaching approach to student nurse clinical leadership development

Whitmore (2009) suggested that coaching is an intervention that facilitates another person's learning, development and performance. The GM Synergy coaching training promotes leadership learning that...

Exploring student nurses' and their link lecturers' experiences of reasonable adjustments in clinical placement

The main research aim was to explore student nurses' and their link lecturers' experiences of reasonable adjustments in clinical placement. This not only involved descriptions of events and...

Reusable learning objects for nurse education: development, evaluation, challenges and recommendations

This study aimed to determine factors influencing RLO development and to help generate recommendations and ways of working which help streamline and optimise the production process..

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