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eHealth systems for the optimised care of patients with type 2 diabetes

The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined eHealth as:.

The benefits of raising awareness of lymphoedema among care home staff

The aim of the education pilot was to raise awareness and knowledge of lymphoedema among care staff in nursing and residential homes in one health board area..

Men with lymphoedema: how can services be made more inclusive?

Lymphoedema is a long-term condition that results in oedema being present in any part of the body, due to multiple causes, and at present it is incurable. It is managed through an array of methods,...

The specialist dermatology nurse: providing expert care to patients

Dermatology has long been described as a ‘Cinderella’ specialty (Linn, 1956; Bunker, 2013), a term used to describe any under-appreciated, under-funded or under-discussed specialty, including care of...

The evolution of advanced practice for nurses working in skin cancer care

The NHS is facing an uncertain future, crippled by increasing financial constraints and population demands (The King's Fund, 2015). An ageing population is of particular concern for dermatology...

An exploration of men's experiences of learning intermittent self-catheterisation with a silicone catheter

The survey aimed to explore men's views on using the Hydrosil Go intermittent catheter. It is also known as Magic3 Go™ intermittent catheter in some countries..

Incontinence and swimming: helping patients to enjoy a more active life

Whatever our nursing background, we will care for people with incontinence throughout their life span..

‘Mind the gap’: the importance of managing malnutrition in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Malnutrition is associated with a wide range of serious and potentially life-threatening conditions and complications, particularly in patients with conditions such as COPD (Box 1)..

Communicating with patients using a new vitamin B12 deficiency leaflet

To devise the processes to test nurse compliance in providing educational information to patients and the solutions to improve this, it was considered important to understand why educational...

Choosing coaching frameworks for promoting diet modifications

Pound and Campbell (2015) proposed a process of synthesis preparation; extracting, clarifying and summarizing the parts of the aforementioned theories/models that are most relevant are described...

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