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Infection Prevention

Reducing the prevalence of antecubital fossa peripheral intravenous cannulation

The inspiration for this study came from the rising SAB rates in the authors' health service and the anecdotal observation that ACF PIVC was more likely to be associated with HA-SAB, similar to that...

Personal protective equipment: knowledge of the guidance

This novel study, to our knowledge the first to be described within the literature, served to assess awareness, confidence levels and knowledge of current PPE and AGP guidance among UK nursing staff..

Fighting TB in underserved populations: homeless communities

This story began with a prolonged hospital admission for Pete, a 58-year-old polite man who was a rough sleeper. He became homeless after losing his job. Pete was suffering from TB, which had damaged...

Best practice skin antisepsis for insertion of peripheral catheters

Notwithstanding concern regarding unnecessary insertion, recent research has highlighted the under-reported risks posed by the placement and management of PIVCs including inadequate technique for skin...

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