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Nursing assessment and care for a patient with a neurological disorder

When formulating a nursing care plan for Mr Brown, it is crucial to uphold certain principles that guide the care provided. One such principle is taking a holistic approach that considers Mr.Brown's...

The pathophysiology, assessment, and management of acute pain

The IASP divides pain into three categories (Box 1). Nociceptive pain is associated with damage to non-neural tissue and involves the stimulation of nociceptors (pain receptors attached to sensory...

The basics of blood and associated disorders

White blood cells (leukocytes) are key in fighting infection and ingesting dead cells, tissue debris, mutated cancerous cells and foreign bodies that enter the blood stream, such as allergens via...

The renal system and associated disorders

The renal system plays an important role in homeostasis and its function is to filter approximately 200 litres of fluid each day and allow excretion of toxins and metabolic waste while keeping...

The cardiovascular system and associated disorders

The heart is located near the midline of the thoracic cavity, commonly known as the mediastinum, and rests on the diaphragm (Cook et al, 2021). The mediastinum is the space in the centre of the thorax...

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