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Patient Experience

How does intersectionality impact the quality of healthcare services for Black women living with HIV?

Extended literature reviews are a form of secondary research conducted using existing primary research that can contribute to evidence-based practice (Harris, 2020). They are undertaken to consolidate...

Patient experiences of people with leg ulcers during the COVID-19 pandemic

The thematic analysis identified 102 codes grouped into three themes to describe the content of 609 citations of interest for the research. Table 3 reports the themes and codes along with the number...

Evolution of a video project to translate research findings about patient experiences into improved clinical care

This article details the processes of identifying and developing a set of co-produced, evidence-based educational resources to improve patient care..

The voice of ostomates: an exploration of stoma care in England

The survey was developed by the authors and focused on ostomates with a colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy. The purpose was to capture the lived experiences and views of ostomates about the stoma...

Impact of stoma leakage in everyday life: data from the Ostomy Life Study 2019

The purpose of this study was to investigate how people living with a stoma were impacted in their everyday life by incidents of leakage (underneath the baseplate or onto clothes) and the worry...

How staying in a single room affects the experiences of haematology inpatients in an Australian cancer hospital

Ethical approval for the study was received from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) [LNR/17/PMCC/282] and the La Trobe University Ethical Committee [based on...

‘Pinholes in my arms’: the vicious cycle of vascular access

To gain insight and understanding of how patients make sense of living with a CVAD..

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