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Patient Safety

Changing the culture around hospital-based nutrition

The aim was to develop a wide, multifactorial collaborative approach to reduce the risk of such incidents recurring following a serious event..

The enormity of the NHS patient safety culture development challenge

Improvement recommendations are made after a patient safety crisis, often repeated ones, but the system does not change much or at all. Errors are repeated, lessons go unlearnt. This might seem a...

Patient empowerment: the need to go beyond buzzwords

When we use concepts such as patient empowerment, we need to be as specific as we can about what we mean and understand about the term. We don't want the words to be just seen as a convenient ‘clarion...

Martha's Rule and NHS patient safety

One issue she discusses are the professional silos and hierarchies, for example:.

Determining what good looks like in patient safety

In a clinical negligence case, for example, the court must carefully unpack and analyse the level of care given to determine whether there was any negligence. Lawyers discuss with clinical experts the...

Patient safety in the NHS: now is the time for optimism

‘It would be quite wrong to conclude that the NHS as an organisation is incapable of learning and improving, but the evidence suggests that learning generally takes a long time and that...

Clinical negligence litigation and the NHS: focusing on the injured patient

I see this happening in some debates about reforming clinical negligence litigation. We often hear clarion calls for clinical negligence reform and the need to safeguard scarce NHS resources, which is...

Facing the consequences of poor record keeping and communication

Never Event data show the issues of poor NHS communication strategies in a tragic light. Many of these terrible events would not have happened had good communication strategies been in place. NHS...

Pressing issues in healthcare digital technologies and AI

‘If it is rolled out widely, scientists say people will be able to diagnose themselves with the illness without going to the doctor and costs for the NHS should fall.’

Reflecting on patient safety in 2022

The key issue for me is the extent to which the advice and recommendations made in the reports are acted on in the NHS and whether safer practice results. As we closed the year, the Institute of...

The actual cost of clinical negligence in the NHS

‘This unsustainable situation is driven by an outdated legal system rather than deteriorating clinical standards. Legal reform is desperately needed.’

Moving beyond the rhetoric in NHS patient safety: facing up to failings

The first report to cause me to pose these questions is the long-awaited report by Dr Bill Kirkup (Kirkup, 2022) into the events at the maternity and neonatal services in East Kent. This has just been...

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