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Novel stoma appliances to minimise complications and improve patient outcomes

A stoma is a surgical opening on the abdomen used to divert the passage of faeces (colostomy or ileostomy) or urine (ileal conduit) into an external adhesive pouch on the abdomen (Hill, 2020). The...

Prevention and management of moisture-associated skin damage

A major function of healthy, intact skin (Figure 2) is the maintenance of a physical barrier against the external environment. This prevents the entry of noxious substances and pathogens, as well as...

Preventing medical adhesive-related skin injury (MARSI)

The skin is the largest organ of the body and performs many critical functions. It is a physical barrier to microorganisms and irritants. The pH of the skin has an antimicrobial function, so assists...

The role of single-use ECG leads in reducing healthcare-associated infections

In the clinical setting, monitoring a patient's ECG rhythm requires a minimum of three electrodes (Figure 1), which are connected to colour-coded leads to aid identification, and these are usually...

Nutrition and oncology: best practice and the development of a traffic light system

Multidisciplinary working is vital to proactively manage the nutritional care of oncology patients, whether this is via oral nutritional support or prophylactic/reactive enteral feeding..

Midline venous catheters as an alternative to central line catheter placement: a product evaluation

A midline venous catheter is a peripheral device defined by the position of its tip, which is just distal to the axillary fold (Gorski et al, 2021). The position of its tip promotes increased...

Tympanic thermometers support fast and accurate temperature monitoring in acute and alternative care

Thermoregulation is a process that allows the body to maintain its core internal temperature. Thermoregulation has three mechanisms: afferent sensing, central control and efferent responses. The body...

Clinical performance and quality of life impact of an absorbent bacteria-binding foam dressing

The study was conducted under routine clinical conditions in five international study sites (three German sites and two Polish sites) between April and September 2018..

Changing practice for neuraxial applications using NRFit™ small-bore connectors to improve patient safety

The luer connector is an extremely versatile connector for joining a wide range of medical liquid and gas connecting tubes. It has been in use for over 100 years since it was designed by Karl...

A soft silicone foam dressing that aids healing and comfort in oncology care

Wounds in patients undergoing cancer treatment often produce moderate to high volumes of exudate..

Preventing and managing device-related pressure ulcers in oncology

‘A DRPU involves interaction with a device or object that is in direct or indirect contact with skin, or implanted under the skin, causing focal and localised forces that deform the localised and...

Nutritional Care in Relation to COVID-19

Research relating to the metabolic function of patients with COVID-19 is scarce. Until more research is published, general nutrition principles involving critical care patients should be the focus of...

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