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Are mentors failing to fail underperforming student nurses? An integrative literature review

‘Broad clusters of general attributes which are considered essential for effective performance.’ .

Preliminary piloting and validation of a questionnaire identifying basic clinical skills practised by research nurses

‘The competencies presented in this document focus only on those skills unique to the role of CRNs. Clinical skills are assessed through different processes.’ .

The relationship between effective transition models and the optimal management of patient care

It is estimated that approximately 60% of the nursing workforce consists of NQNs (Whitehead et al, 2013). The Department of Health (DH) referred to a ‘newly registered practitioner’ as a ‘nurse,...

Effect of progressive muscle relaxation with analgesic on anxiety status and pain in surgical patients

In this randomised clinical trial, participants were matched for age, gender, economic status, type of surgery and welfare status (heath insurance status). Seventy patients referred for surgery on the...

Factors affecting quality of life in patients experiencing facial disfigurement due to surgery for head and neck cancer

A number of quantitative studies look at different aspects associated with facial disfigurement resulting from surgery for HNC (Rogers et al, 2008; Moolenburgh et al, 2009; Fingeret et al, 2012)....

‘I'll never be the same’: the impact of an international elective

Undertaking an international elective has been identified as having a long-lasting effect far beyond the period of the actual stay overseas and has been widely acknowledged as having a positive impact...

The perception of clinical risk among students of different health professions: a multicentre study

A cross-sectional, multicentre study was carried out on a non-randomised convenience sample of students attending nursing degree courses at the University of Milan (San Paolo School of Nursing) and...

Smart tattoo: technology for monitoring blood glucose in the future

People with diabetes constantly walk a tightrope between strict glycaemic control to delay and/or slow the progression of micro- and macrovascular complications.

Patient- and relative-activated critical care outreach: a 7-year service review

RRSs were developed to address failures in recognition and escalation of deteriorating patients in hospital. While these systems have made some impact on the recognition of the deteriorating patient...

Managerial competencies of head nurses: a model and assessment tool

This descriptive-analytical study was conducted in 2017 in six main phases. First a literature review was carried out using the scientific databases of Web of Science, PubMed, Science Direct, Scopus,...

Strategies used to cope with stress by emergency and critical care nurses

Table 2 provides the validity and reliability estimates for the component scales of Folkman and Lazarus's Ways of Coping questionnaire. In terms of validity, the instrument was modified...

Promoting breast cancer awareness in older women during the seasonal flu vaccination campaign

The aim of this project was to evaluate an adapted version of the PEP Intervention for use in a primary care setting using the seasonal flu vaccination campaign as a vehicle for delivery. Influenza...

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