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Reviewing and responding to patient safety incidents in the NHS

Last month, there were two media reports on patient safety incidents:.

From staff nurse to nurse consultant: Continuing professional development part 12: keeping evidence

Soon after I qualified as a nurse I undertook two different types of CPD. One was a part-time taught diploma, which had lectures and examinations validated by the University of London. The second...

Alternatives to (antipsychotic) medication in people with dementia

Imagine a patient who has dementia (or someone who you may not even know has dementia) begins shouting as you move closer to them or begins removing their clothing and touching their private parts....

Forward thinking with reverse mentoring

‘To sit down with someone who's on the org chart six levels below me is educational … You learn about yourself, and how you differ from them.’ .

Transanal irrigation: an alternative therapy for bowel dysfunction?

First-line treatments for bowel problems should be conservative and usually include dietary adjustments, fibre supplements, lifestyle changes, laxatives (including specialist initiated medication such...

How can self-management and patient education bring empowerment?

Patient self-management involves the completion of tasks (or strategies) to maintain wellness, and may include developing skills and knowledge (Rochfort et al, 2018)..

Nurses deserve to be honoured in the NHS Parliamentary Awards

The NHS Parliamentary Awards are configured in 10 categories, including a lifetime achievement award. Successful staff members will be invited to parliament to receive their awards. In 2018, more than...

Improving NHS trusts' learning from patient deaths

‘We believe that, if the NHS is successfully to modernise its approach to learning from failure, there are four key areas that must be addressed. In summary, the NHS needs to develop: .

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