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When a person with dementia is leaving hospital

Planning the discharge should start on admission and involve the multidisciplinary team, the family and carer and, importantly, the person themselves (NHSES, 2011). The key aims of discharge planning...

School nurses: undervalued, underfunded and overstretched

‘School nurses across the UK … were struggling with heavy workloads and the majority of their time was eaten away by safeguarding and administration’ .

From staff nurse to nurse consultant: Continuing professional development part 9: support and finance

There are compulsory areas of CPD that have been identified by employers as essential; these will be funded by employing organisations and staff will normally be paid to attend study days or undertake...

Support for present and future leaders

‘The conditions in which leaders operate are stressful and difficult, with great responsibility and the highest stakes. Over time, this has led to a negative working culture in which both bullying...

Using compression garments in the management of lymphoedema

In the management of lymphoedema compression therapy can be in the form of compression bandages, compression garments or adjustable inelastic wraps. Compression bandages are generally used to reduce...

Changing the nursing handover

‘Nurses and nursing staff work closely with their own team and with other professionals, making sure patients' care and treatment is co-ordinated, is of a high standard and has the best possible...

When will we see more diverse nursing leadership?

‘There is a spiral of positivity in the best performing NHS trusts. The extent to which staff are committed to their organizations and to which they recommend their trust as a place to receive...

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