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The importance of belongingness and friendships within the nursing community

‘When nurses have strong bonds with their peers, they are in a better position to advocate for each other ’ .

Nursing to bridge the gap: addressing healthcare inequalities in access to innovative treatments and diagnostic tools

Core20: The most deprived 20% of the national population identified by the national Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD).

Fitness to practise: the latest guidance

‘You uphold the reputation of your profession at all times. You should display a personal commitment to the standards of practice and behaviour set out in the Code.’ .

Demand for end-of-life care

When thinking about the end of life, many people would prefer to die at home. However, half of deaths occur in hospital. This is often due to a lack of in-home and community-based support. The...

A framework for simulated practice in nurse education

The ASPiH Standards 2023 (ASPiH, 2023) present a comprehensive framework for integrating simulation in healthcare education. This is particularly relevant for nursing, where the Nursing and Midwifery...

Be careful about what you wish for in NHS patient safety reform

‘Patients struggle to navigate the complaints system and it may take some time to find the correct organisation to complain to.’ .

Residual liberty and the detained mental health patient

In AM v South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and The Secretary of State for Health [2013], Justice Charles held that the Mental Capacity Act 2005 could be used to treat a physical condition...

Smoking: a call to action

The UK government has set an ambitious goal to make England smoke-free by 2030. This goal is to reduce the smoking rate to below 5% (Hopkinson, 2020). Scotland set a similar target for 2034 (Lewis,...

ASPIRE: a beacon of innovation

‘I made it my ambition to be accepted onto the programme and fortunately my manager supported me wholeheartedly. The tutors on the course are lovely and the combination of their backing and the work...

Scared and nervous … but I got past my first hurdle, thanks to the team

As the weeks went on in placement, I was becoming more comfortable on the ward. The ward team had so much combined knowledge, I wished I was a sponge to absorb it all. Every time I was worried or had...

Clinical negligence: should the NHS consider a no-fault system?

‘… costs … have continued to grow at an eye-watering rate. Ten years ago, the NHS paid £900 million in damages; last year it was £2.17 billion – equivalent to the annual running costs of the biggest...

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