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Supporting patients and raising staff awareness of lymphoedema

In 2017, I had been working as a tissue viability nurse for several years in another trust. I shared an office with a lymphoedema team and found that the subject piqued my interest. When a lymphoedema...

Supporting caregivers, families and friends visiting dying loved ones in hospital

A presentation to Northamptonshire Health Charity supported the transformation of two side rooms into pilot Swan rooms to support the delivery of end-of-life care with a particular focus on the needs...

Overcoming the nursing workforce crisis in Europe to improve care for people with non-communicable diseases

Throughout Europe, poor working conditions and high workloads (Dall'Ora et al, 2020), low pay (OECD and European Union, 2022) and a lack of career opportunities (Royal College of Nursing, 2023) are...

A focus on fitness to practise: reducing inappropriate referrals

Whoever I speak to professionally since joining the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), despite the many areas that I want to share with colleagues – such as plans to scope whether or not advanced...

Demand for end-of-life care

Despite many people expressing a preference to die at home, half of deaths occur in hospital. Often this is due to a lack of in-home and community-based support. The provision of palliative care to...

Patient redress in clinical negligence cases: an uneven playing field

‘We contend that part of the ongoing muddle about safety cultures stems from this lack of focused attention on the nature and implications of justice in the field of patient safety.’ .

Managing the interface between two Acts relevant to the deprivation of liberty

Both the Mental Health Act 1983 and the Mental Capacity Act 2005 have provisions for the authorisation of a deprivation of liberty that are compliant with Article 5 of the European Convention on Human...

Updating the standards should not mean moving the goalposts

‘There's a push to get as many nurses through as possible. I despair, the reason a [nurses' degree] programme is three [years] is because this is how we are regulated. The change in education that is...

Windrush 75

There is much to celebrate over the next 2 months as the NHS reaches its 75th anniversary in July, and in June we mark another 75th anniversary, the arrival of HMT Empire Windrush at Tilbury Dock with...

Windrush and the NHS: a nurse's perspective

‘As descendants of the Windrush generation, our strong links to the NHS as nurses is something I take great pride in, despite the racism that persists in the NHS’.

Reaching out to patients with alcohol and drug misuse problems

Before 2022, the hospital's Alcohol Liaison nurse only saw patients referred through the EPR system, generally averaging 22 people a month. However, in 2022, with extra resources, the service was able...

Gaining better insight and a new-found sense of calm

I am writing this from a sunny spot in the garden, with the intention of absorbing as much sunlight as possible before the next stint of night shifts, which start tomorrow. It's always a bit of a...

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