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Compression in young people living with lymphoedema

Management of lymphoedema is lifelong and is focused around reducing and re-routing the swelling by applying compression and carrying out lymphatic massage, maintaining healthy skin and preventing...

Heart disease: from living to living well

One of the first aspects that should be mentioned is the psychological effect that a life-changing diagnosis can have. Diagnosis comes with its own grief stages and research shows that almost all...

The new NHS patient safety strategy

NHS patient safety policies come and go, accompanied by the creation of new NHS organisations, policy refinement and repeated calls to arms for NHS staff to embrace the concept of a patient-centric...

Will the NHS Improvement interim plan help solve the nursing staff crisis?

Ever since the creation of the General Nursing Council (GNC) in December 1919 the nursing profession has been beleaguered by staff shortages. The passing of the Nurses Bill, which paved the way for a...

From staff nurse to nurse consultant: Survival Guide part 3: Just qualified

If you are working in a hospital ward then there will be HCAs—some of whom may have been working there for a decade, while others will be new and inexperienced—there will be other experienced...

We are all public health nurses

‘The science and art of promoting and protecting health and wellbeing, preventing ill-health and prolonging life through the organised efforts of society.’.

Consultation before ‘do not attempt resuscitation’ orders

In R(Burke) v GMC [2005], the Court of Appeal held that, once a patient is accepted by the hospital trust, nurses come under a positive duty to care for the individual. A fundamental aspect of this...

Testing the temperature of patient safety in the NHS

All nurses and doctors must demonstrate a reasonable personal patient safety updating regimen within their own clinical practice areas. The codes of professional conduct require reflective, safe,...

Keeping patients safe from hospital-acquired infection

One of the specific domains examined by CQC inspectors is safety. The safety domain encompasses many components and key lines of enquiry, but several of them pertain to cleanliness, infection control...

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