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‘Just a student’ but you are so much more

‘At a young age I never considered myself capable of completing a degree, but when my father died after suffering for 13 years with kidney disease, and the care and attention he received in...

Supporting international recruits

Having recently joined the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in my new role, I am confident that all the discussions that are central to our professional agenda are happening at the Council table.

Nurses and awards

Very often, too often, nurses rarely consciously acknowledge the profound impact that the care they offer has on both patients and their families. The BJN sees this. The BJN Awards see and recognise...

From three into one

‘The merger provides an opportunity to address the challenges resulting from the pandemic and to ensure that healthcare providers are well-equipped to meet the evolving needs of patients and the...

The role of simulation in delivering a modern workforce

Simulation is an innovative educational technology that empowers staff to acquire and maintain essential knowledge and skills, while simultaneously reducing the incidence of clinical errors and...

Patient safety in the NHS: after Francis

‘In health we focus too much on the consequences, looking backwards at what has gone wrong. We need leaders to stop harm in advance, identifying and managing the causes and the controls.’

Developing good communication skills: the key to working in intensive care

While interviewing for my current role as a nurse in intensive care I was asked questions such as ‘What are the most important qualities of good teamwork?’, ‘How do you handle conflict?’ and ‘How do...

We have the tools to raise our game

NHS England recognises the benefits of such systems as stated in its 2019 publication (NHS Improvement, 2019), namely that these programmes:.

Challenging inequalities

Health inequalities that people with disabilities faced before COVID-19 (and they faced many) were exacerbated by the pandemic. Of those who died from COVID-19 in the first year of the pandemic, 60%...

Staff preparedness is key to successful change in the NHS

The nation should not be experiencing the current NHS crisis, which is surely down to a failure of successive government healthcare initiatives. The changes introduced by consecutive UK governments...

Duties of candour: being open and honest with patients

‘Staff were disrespectful to women and disparaging about the capabilities of colleagues in front of women and families. A family member heard a consultant describe the unit they were in as “unsafe”...

Use of conditions in deprivation of liberty safeguard authorisations

To protect the dignity of patients by ensuring that restrictions imposed to protect that person and not overly intrusive, best interests assessors are commissioned to review the restrictions and...

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