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Compression in older people

The natural ageing process results in dry, fragile, and thinner skin. This is compounded by the skin changes associated with lower leg problems, eg hyperkeratosis, papillomatosis, ulceration, and...

Strategies to overcome the public's fear of vaccinations

It is important to stress that public fear of immunisation is as old as the history of vaccination itself. Since Edward Jenner's groundbreaking work in 1796 using lymph from cowpox blisters to...

Suicide prevention and patient safety

The World Health Organization (WHO) (2019) has stated that close to 800 000 people die due to suicide every year, which translates to one person dying every 40 seconds. For each adult who died by...

Advance decisions to refuse treatment

The Law Commission (1995) defined an ADRT as:.

Flexible working could improve retention

Timewise (2018), a community interest company, worked with a number of trusts to scope how flexible working could aid retention. The resulting three-part action plan is a good starting point for...

How the NMC quality standards assure nursing and nursing associate education

Under the auspices of the new NMC standards for nursing, the term ‘mentor’ is to be phased out and replaced with ‘practice assessors’, ‘practice supervisors’ and ‘academic assessors’. Unlike the...

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