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A healthier way to meet people: the experiences of LGBT people exercising with a peer group

NHS Health Scotland (2019) recommends that most people should aim to do at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week. It highlights that physical inactivity is a leading cause of...

The role of body image in treatment decision-making and post-treatment regret following prostatectomy

Prostatectomy involves removing the whole prostate capsule using a surgical procedure (laparoscopy (keyhole), robotic-assisted or open surgery). Irrespective of the surgical approach used,...

Job satisfaction of nurses working in public hospitals: perceptions of nurse unit managers in South Africa

In the South African healthcare system, there are three categories of nurses. The majority of registered nurses are also midwives, and the terms ‘nurse’ and ‘midwife’ are used interchangeably in the...

Developing and sustaining nurses' service improvement capability: a phenomenological study

This study aimed to understand service improvement experiences of undergraduate adult nursing students in their final year of university and up to 12 months into their graduate practice. The following...

Central venous access device-related sheaths: a predictor of infective and thrombotic incidence?

The development of catheter-related sheaths was first documented by Motin and colleagues (1964). In early animal studies clinicians sought to identify the composition of the sheath phenomenon. Xiang...

Health professionals' lack of knowledge of central venous access devices: the impact on patients

The aim of the study was to establish the transferability of the findings of the IPA study. The main objectives were to establish whether the following experiences were generalisable:.

Living with ureteric stents: a phenomenological study

This study aimed to elicit understanding of the lived experience of having a ureteric stent and as a consequence improve health professionals' knowledge of this phenomenon. The key objective of the...

Paediatric nurses' adoption of aseptic non-touch technique

The following typologies were identified:.

Clinical experience of a subcutaneously anchored sutureless system for securing central venous catheters

The first two prospective clinical studies were carried out simultaneously in 2015-2016..

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