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A nurse will perform your operation today: how nursing roles are changing

Nurses carrying out procedures that require high levels of experience, competence and skill is not a new concept to the profession, however. In 2003, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde reported that nurses...

How the lack of a bursary has affected nursing students

‘Due to the time constraints that came with having to combine the placement with work, I found myself at points being quite brief and surface-researching topics for the assignment’.

Learning to nurse during the pandemic: a student's reflections

‘Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to carry on that counts.’ .

The importance of self-care for improving student nurse wellbeing

The primary duties of protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of the workforce are the responsibility of employers, but I believe there are several self-care practices that I can use to improve my...

Student experiences of nursing on the front line during the COVID-19 pandemic

‘The request for student nurses to work on the front line during the COVID-19 pandemic brings with it many challenges … especially for those only part way through their degree’ .

It can be nerve-wracking, but the journey from student to nurse is well worth it

‘I was nervous in my new role, but I felt reassured when my colleagues told me that nobody expected me to know everything’ .

From novice student to frontline care of COVID-19 patients in just 6 months

I remember attending my first lectures. It was initially overwhelming because the university is huge. The transition from college to university was daunting because of my lack of awareness of my own...

Stepping out of your comfort zone

‘As Zambia is a developing country, its hospitals often only have access to limited resources … Zambian nurses are taught cost-effective methods for nursing practice’ .

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