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Acute care

Experiences of surgical nurses in providing end-of-life care in an acute care setting: a qualitative study

The aim of this study was to explore the experiences of surgical nurses while caring for the dying patient in an acute care setting..

Teaching acute hospital staff and students about patient flow

Unnecessarily prolonged hospital stays are not good for patients, as it is well documented that prolonged hospitalisation results in substantial decline in functional status, particularly in older...

Audit of the appropriateness and accuracy of fluid intake and output monitoring: experience in a tertiary hospital

This audit aimed to review the current practice of prescribing and monitoring of fluids and the documentation of fluid intake and output in hospitalised patients by assessing the appropriateness and...

Rapid tranquillisation: an issue for all nurses in acute care settings

It is important to differentiate between restrictive practices and restrictive interventions; however, the former may result in the latter. Restrictive practices involve restriction of a person's...

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