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Advanced clinical practitioner

Consent in surgery

Seeking informed consent prior to examination or treatment is a fundamental legal and ethical requirement within duty of care, regardless of a health professional's governing body or experience...

The role of advanced clinical practitioners in clinical research

Historically, the pioneers of the nursing profession were clear about their vision of advancing practice and empowering nurses to practise with autonomy, as they progress through their careers...

ACP-supported redeployment in response to the COVID-19 pandemic: a service evaluation of staff experience

The primary aim of this retrospective service evaluation is to examine the experiences of registered nurses redeployed to a COVID-negative Nightingale ward during the first wave of the pandemic in the...

Assessing the impact of introducing trainee advanced clinical practitioners onto an acute oncology triage unit

The acute oncology triage unit at The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust sees oncology and haematology patients presenting with various side effects of systemic anti-cancer therapy (SACT) and complications...

Advanced airway management and drug-assisted intubation skills in an advanced critical care practitioner team

The ACCP team has developed over an 8-year period within a conglomerate of three district general hospitals (Heartlands, Goodhope and Solihull hospitals, HGS) comprising 26 critical care beds. The...

Perceptions of competency in advanced clinical practice

This study aimed to explore ACPs' perceptions of the term competency and how they evidence competency in their practice..

North Tyneside initiative to introduce a new nursing role in care homes

In North Tyneside, the recruitment and retention of nurses in care homes is challenging, with staff frequently moving between care providers. There is also a lack of career structure for nurses...

Evaluation of the safety of inter-hospital transfers of critically ill patients led by advanced critical care practitioners

An ACCP-led transfer service has replaced an ad hoc process of transfer, with one of a consistent team combined with a process of training, governance and continual review. Data collection has allowed...

The ascent to advanced practice: challenges, support and opportunities

Advanced clinical practice has been primarily influenced and shaped by service need and has faced, and continues to face, several challenges during its development. To meet the growing demand for...

Advanced clinical practice: is it worth the bureaucracy?

I'm left feeling there is lots of aspiration here. We have the basis of knowing what ACPs are and what they can offer. We also know the things that may help or hinder that progress. As with many right...

The development of advanced clinical practice roles in the UK

‘Advanced clinical practice is delivered by experienced, registered health and care practitioners. It is a level of practice characterised by a high degree of autonomy and complex decision making....

Non-medical practitioner roles in the UK: who, where, and what factors influence their development?

2000: NHS Plan — reforming NHS and reducing role boundaries (Department of Health (DH), 2000).

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