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The experiences of patients using a cancer hotline service

The present study aimed to evaluate oncology patients' experience with a hotline service in a tertiary cancer centre, identifying areas for local improvement and to inform the work of the hotline.

Development of online cancer resources to support pre-registration nurses and allied health professionals

Following review of existing e-learning resources, a programme called Cancer Nursing Careers was identified on the HEE e-Learning for Healthcare (e-LfH) platform. Cancer Nursing Careers consists of...

Evolution of a video project to translate research findings about patient experiences into improved clinical care

This article details the processes of identifying and developing a set of co-produced, evidence-based educational resources to improve patient care..

Pain experience of cancer patients receiving care in a multidisciplinary pain management clinic

A convenience sample of 73 Jordanian cancer patients over the age of 18 years initially agreed to participate in the study at the KHCC in Jordan. Of these, 58 completed data collection at all time...

Patients' experience of teleconsultations in the UK

A total of 12 425 articles were identified following the database search, of which 1226 were retained after the removal of duplicates and eligibility assessment. Following title and abstract...

Cell and body tissue physiology

This article outlines the basic structure and functions of cells and tissues; it is not intended to replace a biology textbook, which will provide more detail. Figure 1 illustrates a simple cell..

Inequalities in cancer screening, prevention and service engagement between UK ethnic minority groups

The 2011 Census showed that 13% of the total population were classified as ‘non-white’ ethnic groups, the largest groups being Indian, Pakistani, black African, black Caribbean, Bangladeshi and...

Public information needs and attitudes regarding cancer and cancer patients in Oman: a cross-sectional survey

Studies have shown that patients with cancer deserve and wish to be given information about their disease, diagnostic tests, and the available treatment (Al Qadire, 2014; Tariman et al, 2014; Al...

Using transanal irrigation in the management of low anterior resection syndrome: a service audit

Low anterior resection syndrome (LARS) is a collection of symptoms that may result from a low anterior resection for bowel cancer. Keane et al (2020), in their international consensus definition of...

Can teledermatology meet the needs of the remote and rural population?

In 2018, the Cochrane database of systematic reviews analysed 22 studies with this sole objective: ‘to determine the diagnostic accuracy of teledermatology for the detection of any skin cancer in...

Addressing patient sexuality issues in cancer and palliative care

There are many challenges to sexuality assessment and the barriers appear to be complex in nature. de Vocht et al (2011) examined the differences between patient expectations and those of health...

Benefits of mindful compassion for staff, patients and carers

The method has limitations. Because the initial feedback questionnaire was not linked to the online survey, no relationship between the two could be identified. In addition, those who did not respond...

An overview of the diagnoses and treatments for penile cancer

The penis has a root and a shaft. The root anchors the penis in the perineum and the shaft is the external visible part of the organ, which ends in an enlarged triangular tip known as the glans penis,...

A J curve of interprofessional change: co-locating non-health partners in an oncology unit

The service, Improving the Cancer Journey (ICJ), was launched in Glasgow in 2014. ICJ is managed by Glasgow City Council, and the local NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde board is a key partner alongside a...

Assessment of cancer-related fatigue among Jordanian patients: a cross-sectional survey

Cancer-related fatigue usually persists for a long period after the patient receives curative treatment (Horneber et al, 2012). A survey of 1294 former patients who had been diagnosed with breast,...

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