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Clinical nurse specialist

The role of the clinical nurse specialist in stoma care: a scoping review

Defining the stoma care CNS role is difficult because of the number and variety of activities that are undertaken and the rapid way in which nursing roles evolve..

Non-metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer: the evolving treatment landscape and role of nurse specialists

Second-generation ARis offer several advantages over first-generation agents: a higher affinity for the androgen receptor; no agonistic effects; and a multimodal mechanism of action (El-Amm and...

Exploring the role of the nutrition nurse specialist in an intestinal failure tertiary referral centre

Intestinal failure is described as a reduction in gut function, to the extent that adequate absorption of nutrients and/or water and electrolytes is impeded, leading to the need for intravenous (IV)...

Examining the impact of video-based outpatient education on patient demand for a rheumatology CNS service

Current practice in Irish rheumatology units is that either a clinical nurse specialist (CNS) or an advanced nurse practitioner (ANP) delivers patient education to patients in a multitude of formats,...

COVID-19 and adult congenital heart disease services: impact on support and advice from nurse specialists

A questionnaire was sent to ACHD CNSs across the UK, via email, at the end of March 2020. It asked how many nurses were planned to be retained in their service and how many were planned to be...

Stoma formation as a palliative procedure: the role of the clinical nurse specialist in maintaining quality of life

Stoma formation as a treatment for colorectal cancer involves bringing out a section of bowel onto the abdomen as either an ileostomy (from the ileum) or colostomy (from the colon). A bag is then worn...

A Nurse-Led Clinic Model for the Treatment of Cervical Dystonia Using Botulinum Toxin

The classification system for dystonia (see Table 1), is based on clinical characteristics (age at onset, body distribution, temporal pattern, the coexistence of other movement disorders and...

The scope and variance of clinical nurse specialist job descriptions

The UK experience is not unique. A CNS may be integral to many patients' care pathways, although there is little uniformity in the evolution of nursing specialties with respect to role titles, scope...

The Scottish prostate cryotherapy service–the role of the clinical nurse specialist

The service's mission is to deliver salvage prostate cryotherapy to eligible patients with equity across Scotland. To achieve this, early referral from the local teams is critical. Since the service...

The role of the nurse in supporting cancer clinical trials

The success of clinical trials is dependent on patient awareness (Fern et al, 2014), which in turn is dependent on health professionals, particularly nurses, raising patients' awareness of clinical...

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