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Deteriorating patient

Implementing technology to support the deteriorating patient in acute care: evaluating staff views

To explore nursing staff and healthcare support worker views regarding the upcoming implementation of an electronic documentation and reporting system for an EWS in a tertiary referral inner city...

Decreased level of consciousness in a child: recognition and management

Consciousness can refer to either the state of wakefulness, awareness, or alertness in which most humans function while not asleep. Decreased consciousness is considered to be present when there is a...

Effective decision-making: applying the theories to nursing practice

Linda was a 71-year-old who had been admitted to the cardiac ward following an episode of unstable angina. She was on continuous cardiac monitoring as recommended by the National Institute for Health...

Limitations of track and trigger systems and the National Early Warning Score. Part 3: cultural and behavioural factors

As in any robust discussion, it is important to appraise the available evidence. A report from the National Audit Office (NAO) (2005), A Safer Place for Patients, indicated that there are 34 000...

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