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Digital health

Engaging nursing students with a behaviour change intervention designed to improve their lifestyle

In this study, participants were invited to share personal data, including their weight. To ensure ethical guidelines were strictly followed, the research proposal was reviewed and approved by the...

Defining digital nursing

A mixed-methods approach was taken. To design and conduct the research, TEC Cymru collaborated with a consultant nurse in child health and the national nurse lead for primary and community care...

E-nursing homes: transforming access to nurses in nursing homes in response to the staffing crisis

One option the authors suggest for consideration is that nursing homes do not always require the physical presence of a nurse, but rather, ‘appropriate access to nursing’ could be provided digitally,...

Exploring barriers, motivators and solutions to achieve a healthy lifestyle among undergraduate student nurses

To support comparability with the findings of Malik et al (2011), the authors followed their methodology of using a cross-sectional online questionnaire to record nursing students' own perceptions of...

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