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I-DECIDED®—a decision tool for assessment and management of invasive devices in the hospital setting

TheI-DECIDED® device assessment and decision tool is an evidence-based checklist (see Figure 1). This tool packages international clinical guidelines for invasive devices into a mnemonic algorithm for...

Co-constructing conversations about suicide: the Meeting Space Framework

Pesut and Thorne (2007) discussed the necessity of nurses adopting an orientation to spirituality in practice and a reciprocal role based on humanity. Noticing and responding to suicidal persons is...

Taking advanced clinical practice to the streets: an evaluation of the benefits and challenges in homeless health care

The definition of homelessness includes people sleeping rough, sofa-surfing or living in squats, emergency shelters or hostels (Homeless Link, 2014). Socially excluded people are 10 times more likely...

Living with an MPN in Ireland: patients' and caregivers' perspectives

The methodology used was a cross-sectional questionnaire distributed using convenience sampling to MPN patients and caregivers. The questionnaires were adapted from the Global MPN Landmark Survey...

Developing and piloting a simulated placement experience for students

The option of increasing clinical placement hours is unsustainable in a climate of controlled budgets, limited placement availability and rising learner numbers given the education provider's finite...

An exploratory study into the teaching of clinical examination skills in advanced practice

‘Most errors in the physical examination … [which lead to adverse outcomes] … are related to not performing an examination.’ .

Impact of nurse-initiated education on HeartScore in patients with hypertension: a randomised trial

The study was approved by the ethics committee of the hospital (17929/19-7-13). A written consent form was obtained from all participants. The investigation conformed to the principles outlined in the...

Emergency management of neck stoma patients during the coronavirus pandemic: a national nurse survey

A nationwide prospective survey was formulated and distributed electronically to nurses across all specialties within primary and secondary care. Dissemination platforms included direct contact with...

Challenges and opportunities identified for lymphoedema services in Wales during the COVID-19 pandemic

Initial scoping of staff perceptions regarding the impact of the pandemic on services, patients and roles as well as the acceptability of study method shaped the study. Four scoping questions were...

How do we engage global communities in the de-stigmatisation of mental illness?

The author believes it is time to consider an alternative and transformative approach to reduce stigma relating to mental health disorders for ethnically, culturally and socially diverse people,...

Personal protective equipment: knowledge of the guidance

This novel study, to our knowledge the first to be described within the literature, served to assess awareness, confidence levels and knowledge of current PPE and AGP guidance among UK nursing staff..

The effects of family-witnessed resuscitation on health professionals

A literature search was undertaken between May 2017 and June 2017 of the following databases: Ovid, Medline, CINAHL Proquest, Wiley and Google Scholar. Only studies published in English were...

The benefits of raising awareness of lymphoedema among care home staff

The aim of the education pilot was to raise awareness and knowledge of lymphoedema among care staff in nursing and residential homes in one health board area..

Nursing measures to support the needs of haematological cancer survivors post-treatment: a literature review

The search used keywords, precisely focused to the question. These were ‘Nurs* or Support* or Car*’ and ‘Cancer or Neoplasms or Haematology or Oncology or Malignancy’ and ‘Post Treatment or Dischar*’....

Evaluating sexual function education for patients after a spinal cord injury

‘A state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality; it is not merely the absence of disease, dysfunction or infirmity. Sexual health requires a positive and...

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