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Public toilets and their potential impact on an individual's health

In Western societies, it is embedded in the culture that elimination of bodily waste is a private matter that should be done in a secretive manner within formal facilities (Mitteness and Barker,...

Incontinence-associated dermatitis in older adults in residential care settings: a point prevalence study

The aim of this study was to undertake the first IAD point prevalence study across three older adult care settings in Ireland, quantify the size of the problem and benchmark IAD prevalence against...

Nurses' perspectives and preferences on MoliCare Premium Elastic products for incontinence management

Figure 2 shows the percentage of nurses (n=43) who evaluated the key performance aspects of the new MoliCare Premium Elastic design as ‘Good’, ‘OK’, or ‘Poor’. More than 80% of the nurses...

Ergonomic comparison of different incontinence products and effects on time and physical demands on carers

In both studies, three absorbent incontinence products were investigated: the elastic slip, the traditional slip, and the belted slip..

Usability assessment of the MoliCare absorbent continence products by nursing specialists

Bladder and bowel dysfunctions can have a huge impact on an individual's quality of life, both practically and psychosocially. A wide variety of products is available to manage continence...

The effectiveness of the Attends Product Selector Tool in continence management in a care home setting

Before commencing the study, verbal consent was obtained from the three care home management teams for the Attends observer to review the assessments and the used products. There was no patient...

Diverticular disease, diverticulitis and the impact on continence

Diverticular disease is a condition where diverticula cause symptoms such as altered bowel habit and lower abdominal pain, but without inflammation or infection (Strate and Morris, 2019). See Box 1....

Moisture-associated skin damage: use of a skin protectant containing manuka honey

Moisture-associated skin damage is a common problem in healthcare settings, where the skin is exposed to moisture for a prolonged period of time. This describes any damage to the skin due to moisture...

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