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Unmasking impostor phenomenon: a study of nurses in specialist roles

Impostor phenomenon is a term originally coined by Clance and Imes (1978) to describe individuals who, despite substantial professional accomplishments, are unable to internalise their success and...

Implementing a surgical first assistant role into that of a clinical nurse specialist at an orthopaedic specialist hospital

The Perioperative Care Collaborative (PCC) (2018) defines an SFA as ‘registered practitioner providing continuous, competent and dedicated surgical assistance under direct supervision of the operating...

Development of an educational program using ultrasonography in vascular access for nurse practitioner students

The purpose of this quasiexperimental study was to analyze NP students' knowledge of ultrasound-guided PIVC placement after the implementation of an educational simulation course. The study was...

Evaluating the impact of nurse practitioner involvement in a pleural procedures clinic

The addition of NPs in PPC increased the clinic capacity. In the second 6-month period, 5.86 patients were seen per clinic compared with 4.57 in the first 6-month period (Table 1). A one sided t-test...

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