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Changing the culture around hospital-based nutrition

The aim was to develop a wide, multifactorial collaborative approach to reduce the risk of such incidents recurring following a serious event..

Targeting malnutrition in patients with COPD in the community

Current figures relating to malnutrition in the UK reveal that up to 3 million people at any one time are living with malnutrition (British Nutrition Foundation, 2023) and 93% of malnutrition occurs...

Irritable bowel syndrome and endometriosis: diagnosis, similarities, and nutritional management

Both IBS and endometriosis can be challenging to diagnose. Diagnosis is based on a combination of medical history, physical examination and imaging..

Promoting nutritional education in primary school children

Studies carried out by various researchers including Rathi et al (2017), Baute et al (2017), de Vlieger et al (2019) and Cooper and Contento (2019) all concluded that today there is an immense need...

Nutrition in palliative care: issues, perceptions and opportunities to improve care for patients

Many patients experience profound symptoms during and after cancer treatment, which may result from the local effects of the cancer itself, the metabolic response to the cancer, including cachexia,...

A nurse-led educational intervention for relieving idiopathic constipation: a retrospective study

To describe the results of an evidence-based, nurse-led educational intervention for functional constipation in adults..

Complication rates associated with traction removal of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tubes

There are three enteral feeding specialist nurses at LTHT, two at Band 6 and one at Band 7. There were changes in the team over the period the data were collected; however, there was no correlation...

The influence of anaemia on pressure ulcer healing in elderly patients

Anaemia is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO)(2011) as a blood disorder in which haemoglobin levels are below 120 g/litre in females and 130 g/litre in males. This is a condition...

Nutrition and oncology: best practice and the development of a traffic light system

Multidisciplinary working is vital to proactively manage the nutritional care of oncology patients, whether this is via oral nutritional support or prophylactic/reactive enteral feeding..

The role of nutrition in wound healing: an overview

As defined by the British Association of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (BAPEN), malnutrition is a state where there is an imbalance (either deficiency or excess) of energy, protein and other...

Considerations for the management of enterocutaneous fistula

ECF can result in intestinal failure (IF), which is often fatal if not managed properly (Adaba et al, 2017). This is when the gut function is reduced so far it falls below the minimum necessary for...

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