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Paediatric nursing

The recognition and nursing management of common oncological emergencies in children

In the UK each year, around 1900 new cases of childhood (0-14 years) cancers are diagnosed (Children with Cancer UK, 2021). The most common are:.

Investigating intercultural effectiveness of paediatric nurses in a Turkish hospital

‘The term ‘culture’ is used to signify the full spectrum of values, behaviors, customs, language, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, socioeconomic status, and other...

Recognition and management of leukaemia in children

Approximately 1850 children are newly diagnosed with cancer in the UK each year, based on 2014-2016 statistics (Cancer Research UK, 2019a). Overall, children in their first 15 years of life have a...

International scoping exercise into expertise in children's orthopaedic nursing and educational pathways

CON is in danger of being assimilated within generic surgical and medical nursing, with little recognition that certain skills and knowledge remain unique and are essential to providing the best...

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