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Peripheral intravenous catheter

The potential role of through the needle PIVC insertion in reducing early catheter contamination

In order to study the effects of using a novel TTN device, which deploys a 20-gauge catheter through a needle (Figure 1), compared to a more traditional OTN device, which deploys a 20-gauge catheter...

Integrated versus non-integrated peripheral intravenous catheters: a cross-sectional survey of nurse experiences

This study aimed to assess nurse-reported acceptability of the integrated PIVC systems. Primarily, the nurses providing feedback were not vascular access specialists but they were routinely required...

Nurses’ knowledge and experiences of peripheral intravenous catheter insertion at a tertiary paediatric health centre

The aim of the study was to determine paediatric nurses’ knowledge and experiences of PIVC insertion at a tertiary paediatric health centre..

Complications of peripheral intravenous catheters and risk factors for infiltration and phlebitis in children

The study data was analysed using IBM SPPS Statistics 17.0. The quantitative data were described using arithmetic mean and standard deviation, or median with interquartile range if they followed a...

Development of an educational program using ultrasonography in vascular access for nurse practitioner students

The purpose of this quasiexperimental study was to analyze NP students' knowledge of ultrasound-guided PIVC placement after the implementation of an educational simulation course. The study was...

Cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive: a new tool for the vascular access toolbox

There are several complications associated with PIVCs, including: Phlebitis When standardised phlebitis scales (Jackson, 1998) are used, mean rates of 14.7% and 16.1% have been reported (Helm et al,...

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