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Person centred care

Healthcare experiences of people living with medically unexplained symptoms: a systematic review

A bank of search terms was cultivated by a scoping search of existing literature. A PICO (patient/population, intervention, comparison and outcomes) format of the terms was adopted, with Boolean...

Person-centred critical care for a person with learning disability and COVID-19: case study of positive risk taking

From the initial identification of COVID-19 as a disease caused by a novel, highly contagious virus (SARS-CoV-2) presenting a global public health emergency, people with learning disabilities...

Developing therapeutic relationships with people living with HIV: exploring the nurse–patient relationship

An interpretive phenomenological analysis (IPA) approach was used to guide all aspects of the study design. IPA is an approach used in qualitative, experiential and psychological research, developed...

Assessing the patient's needs and planning effective care

Planning care is essential in the delivery of appropriate nursing care. Following assessment of a patient's needs, the next stage is to ‘plan care’ to address the actual and potential problems that...

Preoperative peripheral and core temperature: an observational study at a day-surgery unit

The aim was to study day-surgery patients' peripheral and core temperatures during the preoperative phase. The hypothesis was that the temperature would decrease..

Constraints and ethical tensions in the area of young-onset dementia

This study drew from the experiences of health professionals to explore models of care for YOD. For those interviewed, the experience of providing care for people with YOD was characterised by...

Nursing considerations for supporting cancer patients with metastatic spinal cord compression: a literature review

The search used key words precisely focused to understand the impact and management of MSCC (Box 1). Contextually synonymous key words were included to extend the breadth of available literature....

Older adults' views on their person-centred care needs in a long-term care setting in Ireland

The aim of this study was to explore the perspectives of Irish residents in a long-term care setting about the person-centred climate of the setting..

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