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Relationship between resilience and health-related quality of life among patients with a permanent colostomy

Patients were interviewed and completed the questionnaire at the surgical clinic when they came to obtain colostomy supplies during the postoperative period. The researchers administered the...

The psychological effects of working in the NHS during a pandemic on final-year students: part 1

The researchers were interested in the psychological impact of caring and how this linked to resilience and retention in the workforce. This concept of moral resilience and moral distress and the...

The importance of understanding burnout: an oncology nurse perspective

Burnout is a state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion resulting in increased mental distance and low personal satisfaction in work activities (Sabo, 2011; Maslach and Leiter, 2016; Dyrbye et...

Critical care nursing during the COVID-19 pandemic: a story of resilience

The four components of resilience are not redundant concepts during a pandemic; however, the ways in which they play out may be idiosyncratic and unconventional. Their portrayal can help broaden our...

Evaluating mindfulness training for medical and PhD nursing students

Engaging in mindfulness techniques may positively impact the psychological wellbeing of students undertaking clinical training. This is of vital importance to ensure optimum learning, and prepare them...

Quality of life and personal resilience in the first two years after breast cancer diagnosis: systematic integrative review

Systematic reviews of the psychosocial implications (Foster et al, 2009) and QoL for long-term survivors (over 5 years) of breast cancer (Mols et al, 2005) have been undertaken reporting good QoL but...

The impact of brief lifestyle self-management education for the control of seizures

Self-management is understood to be the ability to manage one's health status by using problem solving, resource utilisation, resilience and an ability to take action on one's behalf (Lorig and...

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