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Risk assessment

Promoting community engagement in a pre-registration nursing programme: a qualitative study of student experiences

A literature review used the search terms ‘Nurse students’ ‘Volunteering’ ‘Student volunteering’ and ‘Student nurse volunteering’ in the search engines PubMed, CINAHL and The King's Fund between June...

Manual handling: the challenges of different care environments

Health and social care work settings have higher than average reported instances of MSDs, with more than 1400 instances per 100 000 employees (HSE, 2019a). Only construction and the combined...

Acute kidney injury: a risk scoring system for general surgical patients

It has been suggested that worldwide up to 20% of people admitted to hospital either have or will develop AKI (Susantitaphong et al, 2013). Although the incidence in the UK may be lower, it can have...

A clinimetric analysis of the Pressure Ulcer Risk Primary or Secondary Evaluation Tool: PURPOSE-T

The validity of a tool refers to how effectively it measures the phenomena it was intended to assess (Charalambous et al, 2018). In the case of the PURPOSE-T, validity depends on its accuracy in...

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