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Changing the culture around hospital-based nutrition

The aim was to develop a wide, multifactorial collaborative approach to reduce the risk of such incidents recurring following a serious event..

Identifying barriers and enablers for a robust independent second check of medication in adult intensive care

An exploratory design was adopted for this work, using a focus group method to generate data and an interpretative approach to analysis to gain an understanding of the reality experienced by nurses of...

Considering the switch to a latex-free glove policy to safeguard staff and patients

NRL is extensively used in the manufacture of medical gloves, but is also used in catheters, elasticised bandages and wound dressings (Health and Safety Executive (HSE), 2020). NRL is a milky fluid...

A safety lancet for neonatal blood spot tests: a design that facilitates pain-free, atraumatic samples

Following consent from their parent or guardian, all babies born in the UK undergo newborn screening on day 5 of life. This procedure consists of taking a blood sample from the heel to test for...

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