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Self care

The impact of stoma management education on the self-care abilities of individuals with an intestinal stoma

Several studies have shown that following the creation of a stoma patients may experience stigmatisation; having a stoma will also affect people's perception of their body image and sexuality, and...

Real-time image-sharing to educate a patient with lymphoedema on self-care: a case study

The study protocol was approved by the medical ethics committee of the University of Tokyo (#2020287NI) and the authors gained written consent from the patient..

Psychological challenges for nurses working in palliative care and recommendations for self-care

Although research in the area remains limited, available studies suggest a number of core challenges facing palliative nurses. These include issues such as the practical challenges of palliative...

An exploration of the attitudes and perceptions of the UK public towards self-care for minor ailments

This was a pilot study aiming to provide a snapshot of data that could lead to further investigation in the future..

Outcomes of a new wrap compression system for patients with lower limb ulceration and oedema

The financial burden to the NHS of treating leg ulcers (in terms of healing rates, duration of ulcers and recurrence rates) is estimated to be £1.8 billion per year and accounts for 13% of all...

Time perspective and associated factors in Brazilians living with HIV

The sociodemographic, clinical and behavioural characteristics of the participants are presented in Table 1. A total of 281 people living with HIV, ranging in age from 18 to 72 years (mean = 41.1...

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