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Service improvement

Nursing staff confidence and knowledge when caring for people with self-harm injuries: a service improvement study

The aim of this service improvement project was to assess the current knowledge and confidence of the ED nurses and HCAs in a district general hospital when caring for patients who self-harm at...

Service improvement in a nurse-led clinic for extracorporeal photopheresis

ECP is a leukapheresis-based form of cellular immunotherapy that is used to treat a variety of T-cell mediated diseases including cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL) and both acute and chronic...

Developing and sustaining nurses' service improvement capability: a phenomenological study

This study aimed to understand service improvement experiences of undergraduate adult nursing students in their final year of university and up to 12 months into their graduate practice. The following...

Communicating with patients using a new vitamin B12 deficiency leaflet

To devise the processes to test nurse compliance in providing educational information to patients and the solutions to improve this, it was considered important to understand why educational...

Self-harm presentations in emergency departments: staff attitudes and triage

Self-harm is a deliberately caused injury or poisoning, usually viewed regardless of stimulus, which may or may not include suicidal intent (Hawton et al, 2003; Clements et al, 2016; NICE, 2018). It...

Experiences of nurses and other health workers participating in a reflective course on compassion-based care

Following the CBC course, which is core to the CHEN programme, several members of staff became inspired to adapt elements of care delivered on the ward. As a result, several changes were made to the...

Service improvement study to improve care for patients who developed a surgical site infection after discharge

An SSI is a wound infection that can develop after a surgical procedure (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), 2019). Between 2013 and 2018 the incidence of SSIs following surgery...

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