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Case study highlighting cauda equina syndrome and the effects on bladder management

Cauda equina syndrome (CES) is taken from the Latin name meaning ‘horse's tail’, and describes the bundles of nerve roots that emerge from the end of the spinal cord. The nerve roots serve the...

The management of recurrent urinary tract infections within a nurse-led urology team

The reliability of the well-used tool of testing urine by microbiology, culture and sensitivity (MC&S) has been in question lately (Malone-Lee, 2021). Kass (1956) never claimed to define a diagnostic...

One trust's rationale for choosing a lubrication gel for use in catheterisation

NNUH is situated in the Norfolk town of Norwich. The Trust comprises the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, the Cromer Hospital and the Jenny Lind Children's Hospital. The Norfolk and Norwich...

An overview of the diagnoses and treatments for penile cancer

The penis has a root and a shaft. The root anchors the penis in the perineum and the shaft is the external visible part of the organ, which ends in an enlarged triangular tip known as the glans penis,...

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