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Vascular access device

UK Vessel Health and Preservation Framework 2020: a users’ survey

A 14-question survey was created and managed on Qualtrics and distributed through anonymous links, which meant that respondents could not be identified. Members of the IPS and NIVAS were invited to...

Disinfection of needleless connectors to reduce Staphylococcus aureus bacterial load

In this in vitro study, we compared the antimicrobial effectiveness of 4 disinfectants applied with sterile gauze: 70% IPA liquid (Rialcool®, Rioquímica), 70% ethanol liquid (Rialcool, Rioquímica),...

Midline venous catheters as an alternative to central line catheter placement: a product evaluation

A midline venous catheter is a peripheral device defined by the position of its tip, which is just distal to the axillary fold (Gorski et al, 2021). The position of its tip promotes increased...

Medical adhesive-related skin injuries associated with vascular access: minimising risk with Appeel Sterile

An 80-year-old woman had septic arthritis (Figure 2). She had a history of chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder and type II diabetes. She was an inpatient receiving intravenous antibiotics and...

Universal adhesive vascular access securement with Grip-Lok devices

The Grip-Lok range of catheter securement devices are available in a range of sizes and configurations so can be used universally. The devices secure IV catheters reliably, which minimises...

Central venous access device-related sheaths: a predictor of infective and thrombotic incidence?

The development of catheter-related sheaths was first documented by Motin and colleagues (1964). In early animal studies clinicians sought to identify the composition of the sheath phenomenon. Xiang...

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