Urology nurses lead the way in adopting an innovative prostate biopsy technique

14 May 2020
4 min read
Volume 29 · Issue 9


Jonah Rusere, Advanced Nurse Practitioner for South East London Accountable Cancer Network, outlines an opportunity for urology nurses to make a difference to prostate cancer pathways

Everyone knows that Brexit didn't happen on 29 March 2019, but ‘TRexit’ did—and it is great news for prostate cancer patients.

Confused? Let me explain. TRexit is the name given to a national initiative for hospitals to phase out TRUS biopsies and replace them with transperineal biopsies under local anaesthetic (LATP). The roots of the initiative are in the South East London (SEL) Accountable Cancer Network, where hospitals set a deadline of 29 March (original ‘Brexit day’) to eliminate TRUS procedures. Unlike politicians, we have delivered: in place of TRUS biopsies, LATP are being safely carried out by nurses and clinicians in outpatient settings.

It is a great story—and one that, once again, underlines the important role that urology nurses play along the prostate cancer pathway. Ultimately, greater adoption of LATP paves the way for advanced nurse practitioners (ANPs) to provide even greater value in the delivery of safe, timely and efficient care. For urology nurses this is an opportunity to drive positive change.

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