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Setting up an arthroplasty care practitioner-led virtual clinic for follow-up of orthopaedic patients

14 November 2019
Volume 28 · Issue 20


This article provides an overview of the set up for an arthroplasty care practitioner (ACP)-led virtual orthopaedic clinic (VOC). Suitable patients attend a local hospital for an X-ray and complete a questionnaire, but do not physically attend a clinic. This has been running successfully in a university teaching hospital and has led to cost savings, a reduction in outpatient waiting times and high levels of patient satisfaction. Similar clinics have the potential to become normal practice across the NHS. This article outlines the steps necessary to implement a successful VOC. The lessons learnt during this exercise may be useful for other ACPs when setting up a VOC.

More than 200 000 primary hip and knee replacement procedures are carried out every year in the UK and the numbers are rising (National Joint Registry, 2017). With growing demand and increased life expectancy, it is expected that the need for hip and knee replacements may increase by more than 600% by the year 2030 (Culliford et al, 2015).

Currently, the guidelines recommend routine follow-up of hip replacements at years 1, 7 and 10 and every 3 years thereafter (British Hip Society et al, 2017). For knees, the recommended intervals are years 1 and 7, and every 3 years thereafter (British Association of Knee Surgery et al, 2017). This is, in part, to ensure that patients do not have any ongoing problems related to their replaced joints and, if they do, a timely and appropriate intervention is planned. With increasing use of joint replacement in young and active patients who tend to have higher expectations as well as higher revision rates, regular follow-up is crucial.

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