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Nurses deserve to be honoured in the NHS Parliamentary Awards

11 April 2019
Volume 28 · Issue 7


Emeritus Professor Alan Glasper, University of Southampton, explains why nurses should be among those recognised in the 2019 NHS Parliamentary Awards that reward staff who have made a difference to patient care

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the NHS, the NHS Parliamentary Awards were developed in 2017 to formally recognise the contribution made by those that work in and alongside the NHS in England. These awards are now an annual event to formally acknowledge the effort that nurses and others put into making the NHS a success for the citizens of England (NHS England, 2019a).

As the potential recipients of the awards will be judged by members of parliament (MPs), the scheme provides an opportunity for NHS trusts and other healthcare organisations in the NHS to keep their local MPs fully engaged with the work that they do and innovations that they make through their staff, many of whom perform above and beyond the call of duty.

The Government recognises that the successful implementation of the NHSLong Term Plan will lie in the hands of individuals and teams who have to convert the commitments outlined in the plan into action across all fields of practice. The nursing workforce is pivotal to the success or otherwise of the aspirations of the plan (NHS England, 2019b).

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