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The role of simulation in delivering a modern workforce

20 April 2023
Volume 32 · Issue 8

The NHS workforce in England faces unprecedented challenges in 2023, including dealing with the backlog of both physical and mental health care caused by the pandemic and the need to create a system of health and care that tackles both health inequalities and other weaknesses. The NHS People Plan 2020/21 was established to outline several priorities and to accommodate the health needs of an ever-changing demographic (NHS England/NHS Improvement and Health Education England (HEE), 2020).

Medical advances in the field of targeted therapies and developing technologies are promoting new ways to meet the health needs of a population affected by acute and chronic conditions. The recommendations of the NHS People Plan 2020/21 include attention to inclusivity, wellbeing, workforce development and training, and adopting new ways of multiprofessional working, alongside embracing new technology and innovation (NHS England/NHS Improvement and Health Education England (HEE), 2020).

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