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Key issues in an election year

Wound Care Alliance UK (WCAUK) is undertaking a scoping exercise regarding pressure ulcers in response to questions from WCAUK members. The questionnaire has been developed with master's students at...

Is there a perceived tribal culture within the nursing profession?

To address the NHS provider service, the nursing profession is expected to cope...

The QNI: fostering excellence

The Queen's Nursing Institute (QNI), established in 1887 during Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee, was originally named in her honour. Since its inception it has had a royal patron, although not always...

Virtual placements in nursing education

Virtual placements are virtual clinical placements that use simulation technology to provide nursing students with practical experience in a safe and controlled environment. Students interact with...

Public toilets and their potential impact on an individual's health

In Western societies, it is embedded in the culture that elimination of bodily waste is a private matter that should be done in a secretive manner within formal facilities (Mitteness and Barker,...

Comparison of first-year nursing students' GAD-7 scores: a pilot study focusing on Generation Z

This study aimed to assess self-reported anxiety levels in first-year undergraduate nursing students prior to or at the start of their first post-pandemic placement..

Your free revalidation toolkit

A free revalidation portfolio and CPD resource for nurses and midwives.

Editor's pick

How nurses can apply spiritual care to improve the daily lives of people with learning disabilities and their families

This article focuses on the learning disabilities population, who continue to experience various ethical violations (Doody and Noonan, 2016). It was pertinent to critique the methods used and...

Leading and managing a multidisciplinary team in health and social care: a critical and personal reflection

Accountability in nursing leadership and management refers to the willingness of nurses to accept responsibility for their actions (Harrison, 2018). Accountability is a key principle of nursing and...

Heart failure patients' experiences of telerehabilitation

Heart failure guidelines (NICE, 2018; Tsutsui et al, 2021; Heidenreich et al, 2022) support cardiac rehabilitation as an intervention to reduce cardiovascular events, increase exercise tolerance, and...

Engaging nursing students with a behaviour change intervention designed to improve their lifestyle

In this study, participants were invited to share personal data, including their weight. To ensure ethical guidelines were strictly followed, the research proposal was reviewed and approved by the...

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Global progress and Never Events

The progress report from WHO offers important insights into strategies adopted, trends, issues, challenges, opportunities and so on. This will be a key resource for all stakeholders in patient safety...

Clinical placement insights: expectations and responsibilities

During your first-year placements, you'll have the chance to become familiar with healthcare settings, whether in a hospital or community. It's a time to understand the nurse's role, what is expected...

Fitness to practise: improving knowledge

When we have looked at the concerns raised by members of the public, the most common allegations relate to the following event allegations:.

Telling our stories: describing the experiences and contributions of African migrants living with HIV

The project's aim was to develop a book to showcase these experiences and shine a light on this community. The project was led by a steering group of African women who are long-standing HIV activists...

Injectable antiretroviral therapy: best practice guide for nurses providing care to people living with HIV

The key clinical evidence for long-acting CAB/RPV came from the ATLAS (Antiretroviral Therapy as Long Acting Suppression), FLAIR (First Long-Acting Injectable Regimen) and ATLAS-2M studies (Swindells...

Cardiovascular disease, medication regimens and HIV in pregnancy: new research relevant to nurses

People living with HIV have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) compared with the general population due to a combination of traditional risk factors, the HIV virus and exposure to...

Inclusion health

Ensuring that services are inclusive and responsive is a key aspect of population health care, contributing to improved overall health of the public. This requires breaking down the barriers people...

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Using quality improvement science to reduce healthcare-associated infections

In October 2022, a quality improvement strategy was implemented in response to an increase in the number of central lineassociated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs) at a local intensive care unit...

A mixed-methods exploration of the nursing associate role, programme experiences and future career pathways

The background to the implementation of the nursing associate (na) role that followed on from the mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust public inquiry (Francis, 2013), the Cavendish Review...

Implementing a strategic plan for research

To implement and evaluate a strategic plan for research within a South West Foundation Trust..

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